Jeavensoft provides many innovative solutions for various industries. Our industry experience and technology knowledge allows us to understand, analyse, propose and execute solutions that brings clear return on investment (ROI) for our clients. Here are the industries that we serve:

Asset Management Automotive
Health Care High-Tech
Hospitality Insurance
Manufacturing Media & Entertainment
Mobile Devices Money Transfer
Retail Transportation



Here are some of our out-of-the-box pioneering solutions for various industries

Healthcare :: Innovation through understanding

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries and an area where preventive healthcare is becoming more and more an emphasis in today’s challenging environment. This puts constant pressure on demand for integration, adaptation, and optimization. There is also an increased focus on converged healthcare ecosystem which can propel accurate patient care.

Jeavensoft eMedDesk® provides solution focused around the following:

- Integrated Electronic Medical Record and Practise Management Solutions
- eHealth initiative
- Remote health monitoring
- Preventive care & management tools


Media & Entertainment :: End-to-End solution

Media & entertainment enterprises have to understand the changing landscape of how media and entertainment are consumed by today’s consumers and adjust their business strategies in order to keep themselves ahead of the game. Understanding your media operation from end-to-end and proposing industry leading solution to manage and converge the various infrastructures through intelligent software solution can bring tremendous amount of growth potentials.

Jeavensoft can bring you the in-depth business knowledge and expertise in integrated software solution to reshape your focus in gaining and retaining market shares by understanding your customers and their spending habits.

Jeavensoft OneSource® is an end-to-end business management solution specifically designed for the media & entertainment industry to create a converged infrastructure to manage the following business aspects:

- Sales & Marketing
- Scheduling
- Production
- Billing
- Accounting
- Management
- Reporting

Jeavensoft OneSource® integrates all these components into a single application that allows you to gain a unique perspective into all aspect of your business operation through a single easy-to-use powerful integrated solution.


Retail & Hospitality

As retailers and hospitality industries are facing more and more stiff competitions, it becomes crucial for your business to stay ahead of your competition. As such, understanding every single one of your customers becomes critical to optimize your business’s success. Our intelligent POS solution provides a powerful insight into your day-to-day business operation.

Jeavensoft ePOS® is the most easy-to-use powerful point of sales system currently available in the market. Our intelligent point of sales (ePOS) allows you to gain significant insight into various aspects of your business, including:

- Customer Demography
- Return on Investments (ROI)
- Trend Analysis
- Sales Projection
- Marketing intelligence, including campaign management
- Purchasing patterns



Over the few centuries automotive industry has seen significant growth through the adaptation of technology and demand fulfillment.

Jeavensoft eGarage® provides car dealers and mechanics a powerful tool to manage their customers. Integrated customer service and interaction module allows you to optimize sales and support by allowing you to create various initiatives including marketing campaigns, reminders etc.